Discover our selection of Universal Remote solutions

As Home Theater becomes more and more popular, sooner or later everyone begins to experience the same basic problem: too many remote controls sitting on the coffee table.

While a few such as those packaged with television sets or receivers may feature basic universal remote control capability, it always seems there's a few buttons on every other remote that you're unable to live without. Our all-in-one universal remote solutions offer all you need in one controller.


MX-6000The revolutionary MX-6000 brings the power of WiFi networking to the home theater, without compromising simplicity. The MX-6000 is the first home theater remote control to offer two independent communications and control methods simultaneously. The MX-6000 provides both a narrow band 418 MHz transmitter for instant control of conventional home theater... View product PDF


MX-980The MX-980 is a powerful wand-style custom control designed to advance the state of the art of Home Theatre programming and integration. Achieving an apex of power, style and versatility, it enables professional installers to more quickly and efficiently customize and automate sophisticated Home Theaters and whole house A/V systems - while empowering their owners to handle them as naturally as a race car driver hugs the road... View product PDF


MX-900The MX-900 achieves a magnificent combination of power and flexibility, simplifying and automating operation of even the most complex system via it's virtually unlimited memory. Up to 40 devices can be created with up to 40 pages per device. This allows custom interfaces to be created for every room and every user, complete with automated favorite channels and stations... View product PDF


MRF-260The MRF-260 is a compact, fully addressable RF base station compatible with URC's many Narrow Band-equipped remote controls. The base station features an integrated Narrow Band receiver and antenna, two fixed line outputs for IR emitters, and two adjustable, or variable, line outputs. Each adjustable output can be matched to the IR input on any component that a standard IR repeater can operate... View product PDF of this Home Theater remote control extender.

Crestron Prodigy PMC2

MRF-260The Prodigy PMC2 is a powerful yet cost-effective control processor, designed by Crestron to provide a very easy solution for controlling a complete home theater media system, and enabling sophisticated home automation capabilities. Watch movies, listen to music, adjust lights and thermostats, the PMC2 integrates all of the controls and equipment together, providing intuitive features while making it all easier to use and enjoy every day.... View product PDF