Crestron Adagio Home Audio Entertainment System (AES)

The Crestron Adagio Home Audio Entertainment System (AES) delivers a complete, cost-effective solution for high-performance multi-room audio distribution. Right out of the box, the AES provides sophisticated audio signal routing, processing, and amplification for up to 6 rooms, with extensive control from an enhanced LCD-driven front panel and a choice of room controllers.

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Whole Home Audio

The Crestron AES supports up to 6 sets of stereo room speakers, allowing listeners in each room to listen selectively to any of 10 different stereo sources. Its integrated multi-channel power amplifier delivers a robust 45 watts per channel to all rooms. Without requiring any programming, the AES can easily be expanded to support a total of 12 rooms by adding an AAE Audio Expander. Or, as many as 24 rooms can be handled using 3 AAE's with simple setup provided by Crestron Adagio Composer software.

High-End Performance

An advanced Class G amplifier topology produces the great sound of a classic Class AB design with near-digital efficiency. A massive MOH-core toroidal power transformer directs pure, continuous power to each channel, achieving exceptional dynamic range and low distortion sound quality in every room. Gentle power-up is achieved through a "soft-start" inrush current limiting circuit, and quick-response output protection on each channel prevents failure caused by speaker line faults and overheating.

Enhanced Front Panel Control

With its large backlit LCD display, Room and Group select buttons, 4 softkeys and dual rotary encoders, the AES front panel provides a very powerful, yet friendly user interface for controlling audio to a houseful of speakers. Custom naming of rooms, groups, and sources is facilitated on the LCD display, and also on the custom backlit label strip using Crestron Engraver software.

Preset Groups

The "Group" feature makes it simple to combine speakers in adjacent rooms, or switch into whole-house party mode, by letting the user link any number of rooms to function as one. Grouping lets you easily route one source to multiple rooms at once without the sync problems common to streaming-based systems. Up to 6 groups can be defined using the front panel Preset Group buttons.

A choice of basic 12-button keypads or the advanced Crestron APAD Wall Mount LCD Controller enables versatile control of the AES in every room. A keypad provides the essential controls for adjusting volume, selecting sources, and toggling up and down through tracks and radio channels. For more elegant control, the APAD actually extends the many functions of the AES front panel to each room, providing true feedback for display of audio sources, radio stations, CD titles, artists, and tracks by name, plus audio settings and many other parameters.

Satellite Radio and Audio Servers

Up to 3 dual radio tuner cards can be installed in the AES to enable combinations of up to 6 AM/FM, XM and SIRIUS Satellite Radio tuners, letting listeners in different rooms each enjoy their own choice of music, news, sports and talk. With satellite's digital signal, plus RDS/RBDS data on the FM signal, the AES enables the display of the full radio station name and other detailed information about the song or program that you're listening to. The AES comes with one tuner card included. An exceptional addition to your home audio video system.