Multi-Room Sound Systems

Electronic Interiors is the leader in custom home and commercial audio video design and installation solutions. Our services span from Belleville to Kingston and Brockville. Our sound systems are carefully designed to deliver optimum benefit to our customers. We are not just Hi Fi; Electronic Interiors delivers quality solutions for a variety of audio applications. Every installation is unique and requires a unique approach to the design process.

Home Security

We deliver sound everywhere for everyone

With our sound systems, at the touch of a button, everyone in the house has access to their favourite music. Simultaneously, mom enjoys her favourite songs from the audio server, the kids are rocking out with their ipod tunes in the basement and dad is catching up with the latest news on XM or Sirius.

We change your life for the better

Life can be hectic without having to go down to the living room to listen to your favourite music. With our systems, you can have music anywhere in the house. Soaking in the bathtub with your music on, soft ambient music in the bedroom while you are reading a book... The choices are limitless.

We give you peace of mind

Audio Video Myths

Who should install your audio video system? Over the years, I have had the honour of seeing and installing some of this country's best residential and commercial audio video systems. On the flip side I have also had the distinct displeasure of seeing and hearing about this country's worst installs. This, I guess is why I feel a deep need to write this article to inform the general public about the "Do's" and "Don'ts" in the AV industry. Similarly there are some notable myths in the industry that give me a chuckle when they are brought up in a sales meeting or when I visit a local AV box store.
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Integrate security seamlessly into your sound system delivering a new state of mind attained by knowing your loved ones are safe and sound. Our systems let you see who's at the door before you open it; see the backyard from the bedside, and watch the kids at play in the pool from any TV or touch screen


Call the family to dinner. Announce that there is a caller holding. Speak one-on-one with household members in other rooms. Pre-screen visitors at the door - then let them in with the press of a button. These are just some of the ways that we can simplify your life and create an environment of easy in-home communications.


Dim the lights, close the drapes, ramp the A/C up a notch, lower the movie screen and raise the volume. These are just some of the things you can do at the touch of a button on a touch panel. Enjoy the widest, award-winning selection of attractive home controls that fit your lifestyle and budget. Choose from in-wall, tabletop, under-cabinet or wireless. We're sure there's an intuitive, decor-matching home automation option that will suit you to a tee.